Monday, August 1, 2011

again by Tael henderson..

if when u wake up in the morning,
and the hurting is so great,
u don't want to get out of bed
and face a world of hate.

if everythg in life goes wrong
and nothg u do seems right,
you just try a little harder
and soon u'll see the light

for every person who has put u down
and filled your life with pain,
u must strive to achieve greatness
and show them u can win.

for every dissappointment,
for the times you were let down,
there will be a better moment,
and your life will turn around.

because everyone feels heartache,
and everyone feels pain,
but only those who have true courage,
can get up and try again.

( dis quote cherry gt from my FAv BOOK ever~~[CHICKEN SOUP for the teenage soul on tough stuff..].. cherry donno y i like dis quote so much. mybe it really similiar wif my life~LOL..
actually, i don't know what i expected..emm.. maybe an explanation..i guess i hoped dat i can turn back time~so dat i can undo everythg dat i had ever said 2 him~i wish i could take it back.

have u ever sat beneath the stars?? hoping GOD will hear ?
GOD i knew what i knew,and i knew myself..emm..but i really cnt help myself..what am i thinking?? we r from diff world!!!

thanks to dat quote..those words really give encouragement to me when i need help~
* experience is a hard Teacher bcoz she gives the test first,the lesson afterwards.)


  1. wow.. you really like reading :)

  2. hahaha.. not really~~ i love reading FB more~~^^