Sunday, October 16, 2011

about Jayesslee

I’m sure sudah ramai knl wif JAYESSLEE..kan?? if not then check out these two amazing , fabulous, attractive, adorable girls...

these 2 girls who is from Australia... more awesome info are they r twin... yeaaahhhh ^_^V and their parent are korean..wahhhh.. >.< LOVEEEEEEE itttt!! (buat muka gedik..)

name diaorang Janice and Sonia or they call themselves Jayesslee in youtube..mungkin maksudnya..J-S-lee... J for janice n S for Sonia..maybe..=_=”.. LEE 2 name surname family dia la.. (xkan 2 pon xthu :P) spent lot of my time listen 2 their song...their voice.. damn superb lar!! Hebat giler..

they r soooo pretty!! OMG.. i’m sooooo crazy bout much sooo much!!!

(ms buat thesis dihabiskan watching them on U-tube..kih3)


  1. lepasni confirm i akan addicted to dorg pulak hoho :D

  2. huhu xiao chao mei~~ sure2 diorg hebat!! :D