Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No one cries because they want to cry

Don't talk about it easily
Don't tell me not to cry
What do you know about my love
What do you know, To say it's a good thing

I kept crying, telling me to let you go,
You acted coldly towards me
I kept asking, why I knelt, held onto you,
and told you not to leave
But instead of answering, You hung your head
The mouth that used to tell love
every morning
Told me about breakup today
My future with you is all gone,
It hurts so much..
You're gone from this place

No one cries because they want to
Even I try to smile, Tears keep falling
Because it hurts, hurts, hurts so much
Eventhough I try to bear it,
Tears keep falling

It's easy for you, but it's the hardest
(I cry)
You're laughing, but I grieving
In this time of breakup that's hard to acknowledge
The way you agree with it, It's dirty
I'm so sick of love

That I can meet
A better person and start over
That it's a good thing
Please stop..
Stop saying that..

I still miss you
How am I supposed to forget you
It's so hard for me,
This separation with you
I still love you
How am I suppose to erase you
I have to let you go, but I'm not satisfied

You'll probably never have to feel like you have to love me
In your heart that's nothing
Your feeling would not be affected
Even in front of severe pain

How, how, how
How can I laugh.. can I forget

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